K-9 Training, Scent Discrimination & Detection Law

MAKOR K-9 Training Center, established in 1985, is one of the most advanced K-9 training facilities in the United States. At MAKOR K-9 Training Center new dimensions of instructional techniques for all disciplines of K-9 training are constantly being explored, monitored, evaluated, refined and tested.

MAKOR‘s training staff is considered to be, and includes, some of the most talented and expert K-9 trainers anywhere in the world. MAKOR also employs various adjunct instructors that are the leading experts in their own individual fields of K-9 knowledge and expertise. MAKOR‘s total experience and expertise is evident in the training of every K-9 that succeeds in any of the MAKOR training programs.

In every K-9 trained by MAKOR there exists the pride of detail for fine craftsmanship and total functionality. This pride of workmanship is demonstrated time and time again when strong responses are given for learned behaviors and training tasks. All MAKOR trained dogs have an “attitude” of sound temperament, courage, and boldness of character. Purchase of a MAKOR trained K-9 is a wise step towards optimum performance and the pure power of balance.

MAKOR K-9 Training Center continues to set the standards that others aspire towards. Our international reputation in the field of K-9 training, related technical innovations, research and development, is widely coveted, and is without equal in the profession.

MAKOR K-9 has trained and/or participated in the training of thousands of detection dogs from various disciplines. Additionally, MAKOR has in place some the most qualified detection and scent discrimination, patrol and dual purpose canine trainers in the world. Because of MAKOR‘s high standard of excellence, the renowned success of their service dogs is without equal, both in the United States and in the global law enforcement, working/service military canine community.

MAKOR is a designated Department of Homeland Security resource formerly under contract with the FBI, and is a certified Battle Born K9 training licensed facility.


MAKOR K-9 Training Center is conveniently located in Napa Valley, California, with access to three large international airports all within 75 miles.

Did You Know?

The MAKOR K-9 Logo, created in 1985, spells “Drug Dogs”.  Can you see it?

Additionally, MAKOR’s Founder, Owner and primary consultant and trainer, Mark Rispoli, is associated with the following professional organizations and associations:

  • Scientific Application International Corporation (Canine Trainer and Consultant)
  • Battle Born K9 (Founding Partner, Consultant)
  • SWGDOG: Legal Counsel/FBI Working Dog Standards Group
  • California Bar Association
  • California Police Games (Judge)
  • California Narcotic Canine Association (Legal Counsel and Charter Member & Certifying Official)
  • California-Swiss Search Dog Association (President since 1985-2002)
  • Western States Police Search Dog Association (Judge)

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