Dedicated to new applications of canine scent discrimination training

MAKOR K9’s core focus is K9 scent discrimination training, with a major portion of its business dedicated to research and development of new applications of canine scent discrimination training.

MAKOR K9 is the leader in developing the pairing of the excellent scent detection and discrimination of the canine with scientific technology to achieve a synergistic effect, superior to either one, independently.

MAKOR detection dogs, (drug, explosive detection, tobacco cell phones, general contraband, endangered species, or other specialized tasked), are excellent in performance and accuracy.

MAKOR K9 helped develop the Trade Marked ‘Enhanced Hunt’ Technology in association with Battle Born K9, and is a former canine trainer and consultant to Scientific Application International CorporationMAKOR K9 has extensive knowledge and experience in the instruction of canine scent discrimination training, on local, state, national and international arenas.

K9 Scent Discrimination

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