Electronic Storage Device Detection Dogs

Description: Electronic Storage Device Detection Dogs

Micro SD CardMAKOR K-9 delivers expert training and sales of electronic storage detection dogs for the K9 detection of all digital media storage devices such as hard drives, jump drives, thumb drives and Micro SD cards.

Digital Media Electronic Storage Device (DMESD) K9 detection is being used to locate and identify storage media devices containing criminal evidence and has recently gained prominence and importance especially in the areas of all types of espionage (Foreign/Domestic/Business), and criminal investigations focusing on child pornography and child sexual exploration. It is common practice for persons involved in or participating in child pornography and sexual exploration to keep their conversations, pictures, videos, and other contact information on external storage devices such as hard drives, jump drives, thumb drives, Micro SD cards, and more to make it difficult for law enforcement to discover these items when hidden away in unknown locations.

Naval Research LaboratoryMAKOR K-9 working closely with US Naval Research Laboratory have collaborated together to identify the particular scent identification odor(s) specific to DMESD but not present in similar electronic devices not containing the target scent odor(s).

MAKOR K-9 is among the first in the world to train DMESD detection dogs and because of proprietary training protocols unique to all MAKOR K9 detection training, our success has been stellar.

Contact us to discuss training or securing a dog for electronic storage media device detection, whether it be for hard drives, thumb drives, jump drives, Micro SD Cards or other electronic storage devices.


  • Information about training courses available upon request

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